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Junior Leadership Team

We are the Junior Leadership team. We are voted in by the pupils in our school. We have to do a presentation in assembly to say  why  we should be part of the team. It is a very important role in school.

We organise events like the film night, cake sales and charity events. In the summer term we are going to plan a Sponsored sleepover. With the money we raise from the events we buy toys for the school reward system and toys for the playground.

We also help to find out what the children in our school like and don't like and help when there are interviews for teachers.

This year we visited Parliament to learn about the House of commons and the House of Lords.












My Name is Ella, I am in year 3                   My name is Livvy, I am in year 2           My Name is Isla, I am in year 4












My Name is Phoebe I am in year 4      I am Thomas, I am in year 5                   I am Esmee I am in year 6












I am Matthew, I am in year 6              I am Carys, I am in year 5                    I am Jessica, I am in year 6. Vice Chair


JLT Visit to Parliament December 2016

JLT Visit to Parliament December 2016 1