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Who's who?

you may see around school in the Spring term 2017

Mrs Clark a volunteer Teaching assistant
Mr Richardson The willows Academy trust finance support. He works once a month in the office with Mrs Laight


Meet the staff

Meet the staff 1


Shardlow Staff


Mrs Houseman is the head teacher her email is headteacher@shardlow.derbyshire.sch.uk


Mrs Laight is the business manager. All general enquiries should be sent to enquiries@shardlow.derbyshire.sch.uk


Mrs Houseman is our child protection officer, Mrs Power and Mrs Gillard are both child protection designated deputies.  Mrs Anderson is safeguarding and child protection Governor - more info on Governors found here.


Mrs Houseman is the Special Educational Needs coordinator.


HLTA - High Level Teaching Assistant - they are trained to teach the class in the teachers absence.

LSA - Learning Support Assistant

Throughout the year we receive students from different universities and schools in our aim to share good practice.  Any long term placements will be communicated in the monthly newsletter found here.

Meet our staff

Meet our staff 1 Sarah Houseman - Head Teacher
Meet our staff 2 Emma Ward - Teacher (Trent Class)
Meet our staff 3 Elizabeth Power - Teacher (Derwent Class)
Meet our staff 4 Kylie Tabor - Teacher (Erewash Class)
Meet our staff 5 Helen Berry - Teacher (Erewash Class)
Meet our staff 6 Mr Dale - Teacher (Ockbrook Class)
Meet our staff 7 Sally Marshall - LSA / HLTA & Midday Supervisor
Meet our staff 8 Julia Gillard - LSA / HLTA
Meet our staff 9 Sarah Wilkinson - LSA
Meet our staff 10 Nicola Reed - LSA, Midday Supervisor & Caretaker
Meet our staff 11 Patricia Smith - Midday Supervisor
Meet our staff 12 Carol Laight - Business Officer
Meet our staff 13 Mr Hawn - Dinner server
Meet our staff 14 Mrs Chambers - relief midday supervisor