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In The Classroom

  • Believe in yourself

  • Speak clearly

  • Pay attention

  • Be happy to ask for help

  • Answer difficult questions

  • Put your hand up to answer questions

  • Always try to do the work extension

  • Be confident in all lessons, even if they’re not your favourite

In The Playground

  • Stand up (if safe) to bullies

  • Be confident to try new toys

  • REPORT bullies

  • Try to make others laugh

  • Keep practising and you will feel confident

  • Look after the little ones

  • Talk to people who are older than you

Around School

  • Welcome people with a smile

  • Show the best you can be

  • Don’t worry about what’s happened in the past

  • Be welcoming to others including visitors

  • Do your best in activities and competitions

  • Stand up to people if they are being mean

  • Talk to people and have friends

  • Be brave