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In The Classroom

  • Be able to work by yourself

  • Fulfil natural tasks, getting your book out, writing the WALT and date without being asked too.

  • Get your own equipment such as scissors and glue

  • Try to work it out by yourself before asking

In The Playground

  • Bank your tokens

  • Invent and teach your own games

  • Fasten your coat

  • Help out if the shop needs it

  • Make the right decisions to be safe

  • Speak up and say NO when you need to

  • Help put the toys away even if you weren’t playing with them

  • Solve fall outs by yourself

  • Ask if you can play if you’re feeling left out

  • Line up when told

Around School

  • Do not rely on others

  • Help the environment

  • Be trusted

  • Know where to go when, for example music lessons and clubs

  • Pick things up off the floor

  • Try to do things on your own without being asked

  • Get ready for P.E by myself