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In The Classroom

  • Always be ready to learn

  • Be organised

  • Keep trying

  • Work hard without being distracted

  • Always use all your senses

  • Do the work to a high standard

  • Try to work hard

  • Contribute to the lesson

  • Help others with things they find difficult like cutting

  • Do something good without being asked to

  • Tidy up after yourself

  • Always try to put your hand up

  • Encourage others to do their best

  • Finish the date, title and WALT quickly and correctly

  • In lessons never say you can’t do something, always try

In The Playground

  • Be ready to learn after play

  • Make new friends

  • Show people how to do something difficult

  • Be sociable

  • Play as a team

  • Try new things

  • Listen to others

  • Encourage people to play

  • Be motivated to play games yourself

Around School

  • Always be willing to learn and try new things

  • Listening in assembly

  • Be on time

  • Be motivated to earn as many tokens as you can

  • Ask people if they need help

  • Be quick to be helpful

  • Clean up after yourself

  • Cheer someone up if they feel down or sad

  • Be happy and cheerful

  • Join different clubs

  • Try hard at the lessons you find difficult