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In The Classroom

  • Tell the truth even if you think you might get into trouble

  • Respect everyone’s ideas

  • Be willing to use new ideas

  • Be brave about trying new things

  • Thinking outside of the box, new ideas

  • Do your own work, don’t copy

  • In partner time go with someone different each time

  • Keep trying when you can’t do something

  • Help people to understand their work

  • Listen to others

  • Always be happy for someone else to take the lead

  • Think about others before yourself

In The Playground

  • Let people play with you

  • Think of the best solution

  • Try new games

  • Accept if people have a different opinion to yourself

  • Always be willing to ‘give things a go’

  • Don’t blame people

  • Don’t ignore anybody

  • Play games others want to play even if you don’t want to play it

Around School

  • Everyone is equal

  • Join new clubs

  • Think how your choices affect other people

  • Be a good listener

  • Do things that should always be done such as; hanging your coat up, putting things away in their correct places

  • Keeping the iPads safe and tidy

  • Looking out to make things better

  • Don’t give up

  • Be honest

  • Be welcoming to anyone

  • Give your own ideas

  • Be happy about new teachers, pupils and changes in school