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Oxford Reading Buddy!




On this page you will find information about Oxford Reading Buddy (ORB), our online reading system for children at Shardlow Primary School (please note that if your child is on Accelerated Reader, they will not be on ORB).


What is Oxford Reading Buddy?


Oxford Reading Buddy is a digital reading service to develop comprehension and encourage a love of reading. It matches pupils with books at the right level and tracks performance across hundreds of Oxford’s print and digital books through expertly written comprehension quizzes.


It provides a motivating and friendly virtual environment where students have their own Reading Buddy to coach comprehension skills and where they will earn badges for working well. 

Reading & Quizzes


Every week we expect the children to read their school book and a book on Oxford Reading Buddy. After they read their ORB book, they should complete a quiz after. These quizzes are designed to help children with their comprehension skills and let the teacher know where they need support.


We expect the children to complete at least once a fortnight.

Reading Online


Please encourage the children to press the green 'play' buttons as much as possible during their reading. 

We have noted that when reading the eBooks, the children can press a blue play button which reads the book to them. Whilst this is useful for the children to understand the text, we do encourage them to use their phonic knowledge to read the books by themselves.

Parent Support


Follow this link for support with using ORB at home...