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Respectful and Responsible

In The Classroom

  • Open and shut doors for others

  • Be as helpful as you can be

  • Don’t stand up whilst others are talking

  • Treat someone how you want to be treated

  • Don’t laugh if someone gets it wrong

  • Push your chairs in

  • Share and take care of school equipment

  • Sit nicely on the carpet and your chair

  • Keep your classroom tidy

  • Listen to others

  • Use your manners

In The Playground

  • Pick up what you play with

  • Help get the padlock

  • Take the food trolley in if left out

  • Be nice to others

  • Take care of each other

  • Be helpful to everyone

  • Look after the toys

  • Ask people if they want to play

  • Do not play rough

  • Say, “excuse me”, when you need to

Around School

  • Don’t interrupt

  • If you borrow something always give it back

  • Be considerate to others

  • Don’t run

  • Look after people if they need help

  • Pick up coats in the corridor

  • Look after the environment

  • Let people go first before yourselves

  • Be polite

  • Say hello and goodbye