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Welcome to the Shardlow website! We hope you find out a little bit about our school but if you have any further questions please contact us (see below) and we will be happy to help.


Shardlow Primary school is part of Willows Academy Trust.


We are a happy, active learning environment and we are proud of our school; our children, staff and the support we receive from our parents and community.


We are a small school with a big spirit, which offers opportunities that meet and go beyond the National Curriculum. Our pupils love our small school environment, which allows us to meet the needs of all learners; providing high quality support for those that need it and deepening the understanding of pupils who are ready for more!  


Our children's behaviour reflects their engagement and enjoyment of the rich curriculum provided and high expectations that we have of them. Our community has worked together to create a set of values that we incorporate into all aspects of learning. 


We have a strong ethos of enrichment at Shardlow. Providing opportunities and activities that go beyond specific subject areas. We have a busy timetable of before and after school clubs, as well as an enviable calendar of events such as trips (including annual residentials for children in years 3, 4, 5 and 6), workshops and celebration assemblies.


We take a determind approach to educating our pupils about well-being and healthy lifestyles including; 

  • Physical Activity- our commitment to PE and School Sport has seen us awarded a Gold Mark for the forth year running and we are proud of our sporting successes. All children in years 3, 4, 5 and 6 swim all year round, ensuring that no child leaves Shardlow unable to swim, an aspect of strong local importance. 
  • Healthy Eating- we have a large and expanding allotment area, school cooking facilities and are fully engaged with the Food for Life accreditation. Ensuring that our children are able to choose and prepare healthy food as they grow. 
  • Healthy mindset- we educate our children on the importance of emotional well-being and promote a growth mindset through workshops and a continued focus on the schools values. 

Our Values

-We believe that Safeguarding our children is everybody's business and do all that we can to ensure the safety and well-being of all of our pupils. 
-We believe that every child matters.
-We believe that every child has the right to achieve its potential through an exciting and varied curriculum which develops a love of learning.
-We ensure that our school is an inclusive environment which welcomes everybody regardless of religion, race, colour, orientation or learning and physical needs.
-We believe that the health and safety of our pupils is of the utmost importance and we will strive to give them confidence and self esteem to enable them to be happy and successful members of society.
-We promote in our children respect and consideration, giving them an awareness of the world and of the skills they will need to make a positive contribution to it.

Key Skills
At Shardlow we aim to develop key skills and core values which form the basis of our school vision. These skills are: Independence, openmindedness, respectful and responsible behaviour, motivation and confidence. We hope that these skills will develop in our children the values which will enable them to be fully active, generous, tolerant and caring citizens of Great Britain and the wider world. These skills incorporate those values which will enable them to be a positive British and global citizen.

The children are rewarded for demonstrating these behaviours through our school token system. These tokens can then be spent in the school shop.