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Vision Statement


Mathematics is an integral part of life. As such, we endeavour to ensure that our children actively engage with maths in an enthusiastic manner that will stay with them throughout their lives. Our maths curriculum enables children to view maths in a positive light and develop a 'can do' attitude to all strands they cover across school. With this in mind we firmly believe that the mastery approach to maths is the one which best fits this ethos and allows children to develop strong understanding of what they have learnt, giving them the building blocks to apply their knowledge to other mathematical concepts and demonstrate their understanding in different ways. Mastery is derived from high achieving Asian countries and we seek to follow this model of learning.


At Shardlow we follow the long term plan set out by White Rose Maths. The plan, which focuses on each fundamental part of the mathematics National Curriculum in detail, in order for children to develop deep, long-term and adaptable understanding of the maths they have learnt. As they encounter each strand of the NC, their learning, knowledge and understanding is built on and developed. This slower pace not only facilitates stronger, deeper understanding but is also an inclusive approach, which benefits all children at our school.


Mental Maths and Times Tables


We advocate the ability to calculate without a formal written method at Shardlow. We see it as an important life skill and supports children's understanding of the written method's they use. Every maths lesson at Shardlow starts with an activity to develop children’s mental maths strategies and recollection of essential number facts.


Times tables are of paramount importance at our school. As they play such a central role across the whole maths curriculum, with increasing importance as children move through KS1 and into KS2 we encourage children to have rapid recall of times tables. This includes reciting the tables forwards, backwards and stating the inverse number sentences to show a concrete understanding of their learning. We reward children with certificates for each skill (bronze: forwards; silver: forwards and backwards; gold: forwards, backwards and the inverse.) The times table each child is working on at any given time is their mathematics target.





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