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Our Curriculum

As part of our school development plan the way we map our curriculum is currently under review. During the review we have identified that the topic lead approach provides valuable opportunities for reinforcing learning across the curriculum and so have continued with topics as basis for the majority of subjects. When strong links cannot be made to the topic some subjects will be taught discretely. 

In order to support progression overtime we have created a two year cycle, to ensure that as our pupils move through their mixed age classes,we are clear about what they have been taught previously and can build upon this effectively.

The two year cycle is being reviewed at the end of each half term to ensure that the topics are working effectively, as well as providing opportunities for staff to share ideas about their next topic. With on-going reviews we also aim to identify topics where links to current affairs can be embedded in. 

In staff meetings subject leaders are currently busy creating maps which will demonstrate how the topics link to the National Curriculum, as well as class teachers creating maps to show the additional opportunities provided at each stage of learning including educational visits, class assemblies, residentials and more!


Below is a list of the curriculum maps for each class. Further information about each subject can be found here and for any further information about our curriculum please do not hesitate to contact the school office, contact details for which can be found here.