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Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum



At Shardlow we are proud of our curriculum which is at the heart of our vision for pupils to Aspire, Achieve and Thrive during their time with us and beyond.


Our curriculum strives to ensure that pupils have deep knowledge and understanding in all of the national curriculum subjects and that our pupils are prepared for their next steps in learning. This achieved through carefully structured sequences of learning, making the essential knowledge for units of work and individual lessons explicit, and with a focus on learning for long term memory in the curriculum delivery. 


Our curriculum ensures that our children are aware of their role as a global citizen; children leave the school with an understanding of the uniqueness of their local community and work with local organisations and business such as the Royal British Legion, Rolls Royce and the local heritage centre, to enhance this understanding. Through stories, first hand experiences and rich opportunities outside of the school environment, our children are immersed into a range of different countries and cultures; ensuring that the children are aware of and understand the wider world, their place within it and the power they have to influence it now and in the future.


Our curriculum recognises the importance of health and wellbeing on a child’s ability to learn and be happy. Our triple platinum award for PE and school sport is recognition of the impact of our clearly structured, progressive PE curriculum, which priortises specific sports according to the local area and needs of the children.  A cross subject approach, including aspects of cooking, physical education, science and social and emotional education, combines to ensure that children have the knowledge and skills to maintain good mental health and where they can get support if they need it.

Our curriculum is inclusive; all children are given the tools they need to be able to access rich learning content. Our curriculum recognises the value of reading as a tool for accessing the full curriculum; a rigorous approach to the teaching of reading and intensive support for pupils falling behind, helps move pupils from learning to read to reading to learn.


Our curriculum is always evolving; we ensure that we are actively involved in research around curriculum design and teaching pedagogy for all subjects and that our curriculum model and delivery reflects best practice and in turn remains a strong foundation on which our children can Aspire, Achieve and Thrive.


At Shardlow our curriculum is mapped in two ways; 

  • Curriculum Maps- these maps provide an overview of what children learn about in each class. As some of our classes are mixed age classes we have a two  year cycle. Below you can find the curriculum map for each class. 
  • Subject Maps- these maps provide an overview of what children learn throughout their time at school in each of the National Curriculum Subjects. Further information about each subject can be found here.