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We will be learning about the history of toys, what toys are made from, how they are made and we will even have a try at designing our own soft toy and making it. We may need some adult help with this. (Pretty please)

These are the texts we will be using this half term in our English, dance and Design Technology lessons.



Things to remember

Monday            Year 1s bring in SAS sacks.                                   Share a Story afternoon at 2.50pm
Wednesday     Children will need PE kit.           Hand in homework, please.
Thursday         Sight Word check                
Friday             Spelling test.     Mental Maths test       Children will need PE kit      Homework is given out.       Spirit Assembly

Please note that PE days can change, so your child needs to have a PE kit in school every day. This should include indoor kit (T-shirt, shorts, pumps) and outdoor kit (Tracksuit and trainers).



Please remember to read lots at home and record in your diary. Please read other things besides your school reading book- the more the better- for example, other story and non fiction books,  poems, magazines, signs, even ingredients on packets!


Times Tables 

Please remember also to practise your times tables- focus on the 2X 5X and 10X tables in Derwent Class.

Remember:- Bronze means you can say the whole table in order- eg "one times two is two, two times two is four....." fluently.

Silver means you can say the answer to any sum from the times table eg "what's 4 x 5?   What's 8 X 5 ?

 Gold means you can say the reverse division fact- eg in five times table, what's 20 divided by 5? how many fives in 15?

  In ten times table, what's 50 divided by 10?

 When you practise spellings, it's a good idea to write  a sentence  including the spelling word you are learning. Then you are more likely to remember it !

This week's Spirit stars are..........


You'll have to wait and see!